Conditions of

Cyrillic type designs and completed fonts created or released from 2018 to 2021 (except for the Modern Cyrillic 2019 winners) are eligible for the competition. Both original typefaces and legal localizations of existing Latin fonts are eligible.

The typefaces of the jury members and competition organisers are not eligible.

Participation in Modern Cyrillic is free.

According to the tradition of type competitions, fonts are submitted anonymously. The presentation of a typeface should not include its name, author’s name, client and publisher information. One may submit to the competition no more than six designs. Each work should be submitted separately and have its own registration code. Entries can be submitted both by designers and typeface manufacturers, including individuals and legal entities related to designing or publication of the typeface.

The competition has two stages. First, the jury reviews all submissions and selects a short list of entries for the next round. Then the jury evaluates the selected fonts and chooses the winners. All typefaces from the short list take part in public voting.

Stages of the competition

Submitting entries
announcing the shortlist
Announcing the winners

The results will be published at on 01.07.2021. Winning typefaces will be awarded with honorary diplomas of Modern Cyrillic 2021, published in the catalog and shown at the traveling exhibition. The authors of the winning fonts will receive a copy of the catalog after its publication. In addition, the organisers and partners of the competition reserve the right to award their own prizes to selected designs among the ones recognised by the jury.

There’s also an additional bonus — two special prizes from the most popular type design apps: FontLab, Glyphs — a license for the latest versions of these editors.


There are three competition categories: display typefaces, text typefaces and type systems (including superfamilies). The jury has the right to change the category if it does not correspond to the typeface design.

When submitting an entry, you should indicate whether it is an original type design or a legal Cyrillic extension of an existing Latin design.

One also should indicate whether the entry is designed for publication (one can buy or legally download the font or the design is planned for sale or free distribution), or it is a custom typeface (commissioned by some customer and designed to meet the needs of the customer), or it is an experimental design (this category includes typefaces created rather to expand the boundaries of type design than for sale, student works, etc.).

Variable fonts are eligible for the competition. For the demonstration of a variable font one can provide a link to video, beside the PDF.


Typefaces are submitted to the competition using the electronic application form. A supplementary video is needed for the presentation of variable fonts.

To assure the objective judging the names of the typefaces, designers, clients, manufacturers or distributors must not appear anywhere in the presentation. Once the font is sent to the contest, it receives a registration code for its identification during the judging. The names of typefaces that are on the short list and the names of their authors will be revealed at the stage of the public voting.

When submitting a typeface to the competition, the participant can either use the template prepared by the organizers or make his own layout that adequately demonstrates the typeface without specifying the name of the typeface, designer, client, manufacturer or distributor. When uploading an entry, a unique registration code containing information about the categories selected by the participant will be placed automatically on each page of the layout.

The minimal character set for an experimental or custom design is the alphabet of any language of Cyrillic script in one case (for example, only uppercase or only lowercase letters). The minimal character set for other designs is: •!?@‚"#%$€£¥₽©(*).,:;…-/«»‘’‚“”„–—№0123456789¹²³+=−<>×÷ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz АБВГДЕЁЖЗИЙКЛМНОПРСТУФХЦЧШЩЪЫЬЭЮЯҐЃЄЋЂЉЊЌЎЏЅІЇЈ абвгдеёжзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюяґѓєћђљњќўџѕіїј

When uploading a PDF, please make sure that the file settings allow to print it in high resolution.

of parties

The participants are entirely responsible for the legality of their designs. The designers of type are also responsible for making sure that their works do not infringe any third party rights.

The organisers are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by participants.

The organising committee of the contest ensures that the typefaces submitted for the contest will not be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of their designers and/or other right holders. The works submitted to the contest and their fragments may be published only for the purposes of information and advertising of the contest and only in formats that exclude the possibility of extracting the original digital typeface data in whole or in part.

The PDFs uploaded by the participants will be placed on a closed server and will be available for viewing only by the jury, the selection committee and the organising committee. Raster images will be used for the public voting and demonstration of the contest results on the website.

To participate,
open the site
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Contact details

For any questions about the competition and the terms of submission please contact the organising committee at or at our Facebook or at Telegram.